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What is the best food to boost your brain?

The human brain is nearly 60 percent fat. Without unsaturated fats in your diet, your brain cannot produce acetylcholine and without this, your brain cells will become ‘stiff’. You will suffer memory loss and your thinking speed will deteriorate. Fat-free diet will kill your brain cells. try to eat more fish to get omega3, avocado, seeds(sesame, sunflower, pumpkin)

For creative thinking do breathing exercises

By using exercises which relax your muscles or yoga, it is possible to lengthen the electrical EEG waves recorded in your brain. these bigger brainwaves are associated with an increased probability that you will have ‘brainwave’ as a creative or inventive inspiration.

The effect of aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises enhance thinking performance. Brain activity is fuelled by oxygen and aerobic exercise increases the supply of oxygen to the brain. Fresh air, fresh thinking, fresh ideas.

Dark chocolate boost the brain

Dark chocolate boosts your brain while protecting you from heart disease and cancer. Eating about 20-150 g a day of dark chocolate can improve your learning and memory. Improved blood flow carries more oxygen to the brain, enabling you to think quicker for longer. Eating dark chocolate increases your mental speed and energy because it contains the brain stimulant theobromine. Theobromine works as a brain stimulant by relaxing muscles helping to dilate veins and arteries thus allowing blood to flow more easily to the brain.

In addition to that dark chocolate contains PEA(phenylethylamine). PEA activates the neurotransmitters in your brain that control mental attention, concentration and alertness.

Furthermore, dark chocolate contains anandamide – a cannabinoid brain chemical known as a ‘Bliss chemical’, because it produced in the brain when you feel good.

Dark chocolate work by allowing increased levels of anandamine and dopamine to circulate in the brain. It is the high level of anandamide and dopamine that distinguishes the brains of children from the brain of most adults because, in general, as you get older the levels of these neurotransmitters decrease. You are as young as you feel and think and dark chocolate can help you to keep your youth.


Why Should I Stop Drinking Coffee?

One cup of strong coffee, or tea, per day does seem to raise the speed and accuracy of your thinking, but more than that one rapidly produces fatigue and then addictive tendency to drink more caffeine to try and combat fatigue.

Caffeinated drinks like Coke and Red Bull often exacerbate your thinking problems by producing ‘insulin swings’ that make difficult to concentrate.

Caffeine can quicken your reaction time and prolong your vigilance during demanding tasks and it contains protective antioxidants but dark chocolate gives more protection and safer ‘buzz’.

Once you started to drink coffee, there is a need to keep doubling your intake to have the same effect and eventually a plateau is reached. The caffeine acts as a diuretic; you keep urinating, causing dehydration. This produce lethargy and reduces your cognitive performance. Dehydration has a major adverse effect on mental activity. Tap water, hot water or herbal tea, all produce greater benefits to thinking.


The first buzz from the first cup is quickly negated by subsequent fatigue.

How does stress impact our brain?

Have you ever had a feeling you forgot something or you cannot quickly recall it, perhaps some sort of confusion?. I am sure you had. It happens because stress has a huge impact on our brain, memory and our feelings.

In case of stress you release high level of cartisol that destroys glucose and your brain is loosing ability to retrieve data. Dehydratation will make it even worse.

Symptoms of stress:

  • dificulty in concentrating;
  • anxiety, irritation;
  • constant tiredness;
  • lack of appetite or overeating;

How to manage stress:

  • Go for 15-minute walk, no matter what is weather;
  • Reduce tea, coffee, cola. Drink more water;
  • Exercises;
  • Recognize your holidays, you need time to get some rest;
  • Breathing teachniques;
  • Meditation

Go out. Computers, mobiles Wi-Fi, air conditioning can have damaging effects. The concentration of negative ions in the air -the number in each cubic centimeter – affects the level of serotonin in your blood and this affects your ability of thinking. In mountains should be around 4ooo ions per cubic centimeter; while in a common office with air-condition around 150 per cubic centimeter

Remember, thinking becomes slower under an excessive level of stress. So take care, drink at least about 2 litees of water, go for a walk a few times per day and let yourself to get some rest from all computer devices and so on.